Live in Nanny Required in West Hampstead

A family of five living in West Hampstead comprising three girls aged 9 yrs, 6 years and 3 years are looking for a live in Nanny. The older girls are both in school and the youngest is at the pre-school attached to the same school. The older one loves reading and music. She plays the violin and sings in both the school and church choir. The middle one can be a bit of a dreamer and likes taking her time but she is very kind and helps look after her younger sister. She asks a lot of questions. She is quite a tomboy and enjoys doing Karate, Judo and Wall-climbing after school. She has a lot of physical energy but she also enjoys drawing and crafts. The little one is a characterful, determined little lady who desperately wants to do everything that her older sisters do. She enjoys her gymnastics class after school on Fridays.

The father is a doctor (neurologist) and mum used to work as a finance lawyer before she had her oldest child and although she's no longer working, she does various bits of volunteer and ad hoc work from home during the school day. In the lifetime before children, dad enjoyed playing the piano and mum read a lot of books. They enjoy going to theatre, museum exhibitions and concerts. Mum also enjoy cooking and gardening (when there is time!) and dad enjoys photography. They don’t watch a huge amount of television although they do enjoy occasional movie nights. They enjoy doing arts and crafts with the children, baking and building lego. 

A bit of their family ethos. They are trying to raise their children to be curious and respectful of the world around them. They want the girls to enjoy learning and to be inquisitive so they spend a lot of time reading books with them and encouraging them to read. They enjoy craft projects and board games and try to limit TV time to an end of week dvd as a relaxing treat. They are keen that the children grow up to be considerate of other people and are therefore trying to encourage the use of good manners and being polite. They also would like the girls to be motivated and learn to think for themselves and use initiative. Therefore they encourage a certain amount of independent play as they think it is important that they develop their own interests and learn to entertain themselves. They go to church regularly as they think it is an important part of their cultural heritage although they are not an overly-religious family. The girls go to Sunday school and the older girl sings in the junior choir. They welcome all religions (and lack thereof) and are keen for the girls to be aware of and exposed to other cultures and religions from around the world so that as adults they can form their own views. As a family, they eat a varied diet, including meat and fish, and mum tries to do most of the cooking using organic and sustainable ingredients.

They live in West Hampstead which has a village-like atmosphere just north of the centre of London. There are cafes, restaurants, bars, small supermarkets, chemists, a number of different kinds of shops and a library. Hampstead Village is a 20 minute walk away and has various high street clothing shops, boutiques and cafes. They are very well located for transport. They are a 10 minute walk from the underground (West Hampstead on the Jubilee Line), London Overground train and Thameslink Train line to St Pancras. The heart of London (sights, museums, galleries) is easily reached by public transport and the shopping centre of Oxford St/ Regent Street is a 30 minute bus ride or a 15 minute tube ride away. The shopping mall of Brent Cross is also easily reached by bus which stops just over the corner from the house. There are number of bus routes nearby which also go into the centre of London. West Hampstead has a number of small parks with playgrounds to which the girls enjoy going. Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill are both large parks which are reached on an easy bus ride from the house. Hampstead Heath is about a 20-30 minute walk away and offers less manicured open space.

There is a very good local art school (Hampstead School of Art http://www.hampstead-school-of- ) which offers term time courses as well as local language schools. There are a number of language schools nearby. The closest is the Hampstead School of English (http:// ) and is about a 10 minute walk away from the house. There is also another language school close to where our girls go to school in Hampstead ( en/)

The house is a typical English Victorian/Edwardian terrace house although it has had extensions and renovations (the most recent completed about five years ago). The front and back are on different levels so there are four floors (including basement and attic) at the front and three levels at the back (including the kitchen and garden at the back). The basement contains a playroom for the girls and a laundry room with a spare fridge, oven and microwave. The kitchen is a big eat-in kitchen which has sliding glass doors that open onto a paved walled garden with flower beds. At the entrance level is the sitting room with a TV, books and baby grand piano. The girls each have their own bedrooms and share their own bathroom which has a bath and a shower. The loft room, which has been a study/ guest room will be the nanny's room. The rooms are not enormous as the house is not that wide, but there are plenty of rooms and there is enough space for everyone to have their own place.

The room will be the loft room and is one of the nicest rooms in the house. There are two velux skylights at one end and a big double picture window at the other which makes the room very light and airy. There is a single bed, side table, desk, wardrobe and a small sofa. There are ethernet points and wifi access and there is a television and dvd player in the room. The family will need occasional access to the under eaves storage through the room (for things like suitcases and Christmas decorations) but this would all be arranged ahead of time with the nanny's consent! There is a small bathroom next to the loft room with cupboards, a sink, big mirror and a shower. There is also a heated towel rail and under floor heating in the bathroom. If nanny wants to use a bath, then she would be welcome to use the bath in the girls’ bathroom on the floor below.

Mum is looking for some help for roughly 25-30 hours a week to help with one, two or all three of the girls. They would need to be available to help get the girls ready for school between 7am and 8 am each morning. The oldest one needs to be at school by 8.00 or 8.15 each day but the other two girls don’t need to be there until 8.45 although mum tends to drop the younger ones off at 8.30am. If the nanny were able to occasionally walk one or two of the girls to school (about 30 minute walk at their pace) that would be helpful. The little one finishes school at 3pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and at 1pm on Wednesdays and Fridays. The older ones both finish school at 4pm but they have after school activities that they need to be taken to. The middle one does Judo at school between 4 and 4.30pm on a Monday, Wall-climbing at 4.15-5.15 on Thursdays and Karate from 4.00-4.50pm on Fridays. She may well also start taking tennis after school in the summer term. The oldest one has activities after school nearly every day. On Mondays she has orchestra until 5.30, Tuesday she has choir practice until 5.30, on Wednesday she has play practice until 6pm and Thursday and Friday evenings she has church choir practice. Ideally, there would be a degree of flexibility as to who collects each girl as it might well depend on other activities and playdates and can vary from week to week. It would be helpful if nanny were happy to accompany either of the girls on playdates and listen to their reading and helping with any homework projects. If nanny happens to be musical, it would be great if she would be able to help the oldest one with her violin practice. They would also like the nanny to help prepare the girls’ supper, which may vary from cooking a simple meal (jacket potato, pasta) to reheating something mum has already prepared. The family would like to have two nights babysitting a week as well.

At the moment, the girls eat their supper separately at around 5pm (although occasionally the older one eats later if she has been out at choir practice or orchestra). However, this meal will probably creep later and if the father is working late, mum tends to eat with the girls (which nanny would be welcome to join). Bathtime is roughly at 6pm and then bedtime for the youngest and the middle one at 7 and 7.30 respectively. The older one has homework and music practice to do when she gets home. She is encouraged to be in bed by 8/ 8.30pm. They would like nanny to be around every evening until at least 7 to help with bath and bedtime routines.

During the school holidays, mum enjoys taking the girls on day trips and excursions. For example they enjoy visiting Tower of London, London Zoo, the Museum of London and hope to get to additional places like Hampton Court and Dover Castle. It would be great if nanny were up for accompanying mum as an extra pair of hands. They would of course cover all entry fees.

While they have a cleaning lady who comes twice a week to help keep the house clean, they would like nanny to help (along with the everyone else in the family!) with small day to day things like loading/unloading the dishwasher, setting the table and clearing up after meals. They would also like nanny to help/oversee the girls tidying their rooms and the playroom. The nanny's room and bathroom should be kept reasonably neat and tidy so that the cleaner could come and clean it (dust and hoover) once a week.

They ask that the nanny keep the following house rules:

  • They are a no-smoking household so absolutely no one on the property should smoke. If nanny wishes to have any friends over, they ask that you obtain their prior consent and that the guests leave by 10pm.

  • Any photos taken of the children should only be taken for the purpose of sharing with dad and

    mum and absolutely no photos of the family or house should be posted on social media.

  • No alcohol should be consumed during working hours.

  • During working hours, telephone use should be limited to calls and texts to mum relating to family issues or in the event of an emergency.

  • The living room is for the use of mum and dad in the evenings. There is a television

    for your room.

  • If parents are eating together in the evening (usually around 8pm), they ask that the nanny respects their personal space and that she either eats with the girls or at 7 while they are putting them to bed.

  • They ask that the nanny does not share inappropriate music, pictures, videos or language with the children.

    They are looking for someone who is willing to be a team player, who will greet the challenges of family life with enthusiasm, but is also independent, resourceful and uses her initiative to solve problems. They are looking for someone who is reliable and punctual with good organisational skills, and a strong sense of responsibility. They would like to find someone who genuinely enjoys engaging with children (“firm but fun”, in the words of the eldest) and can adapt and be flexible with their changing needs and schedules. They can offer a nanny a great opportunity to explore life in London and English culture and we hope that she is interested in joining their family. 

  • Beg Jan start. Salary neg.

Daily Nanny/Housekeeper Required in Radlett

Busy professional family with boys 2 and 9 and girl 7 seeks Mrs Doubtfire! The role would be to do all cleaning duties, meal preparation, laundry, ironing as well as being able to look after the children when needed. 3 days a week it would be 9-6 and the other 2 days 11-6 - with flexibility to come in earlier or stay on to babysit if needed. Could potentially live in as there is a room ensuite. Driver would be a big bonus but not essential.  

ASAP start. Salary neg.

One day a week Nanny wanted in Swiss Cottage

Old clients employing a 4 day a week Nanny through us now require an extra day ( preferably a Friday but could be flexible ) to help care for a darling little boy 1.5 years and his adorable sister 3 years. Sole charge. Hours would be 7.30-5.30. All nursery duties.  No driving required. 

ASAP start. Salary neg. 


Afternoon Nanny wanted in St John's Wood

Old clients looking for an after school nanny. Mon-Fri 1pm to 8pm to help with 3 children G7, B9 and G11 years old. Must be able to hit the ground running, be super organised, be fun and a good cook/baker! Driving essential for school pick ups and after school activities etc. Automatic car on duty.  All nursery duties, after school routine / homework supervision. 

Mid Nov start. £12 net per hour.

Daily Nanny Sought in Hampstead

Old clients are looking for a tip top daily Nanny to help take care of their sons 10 months and 8 years initially 3 days a week then 5 days a week from mid February when mum returns to work full time. The 3 days would be Mon, Tues and Wed. Hours would be 7.30-6. Sole charge from Feb. All nursery duties with cleaner employed. No driving required as everything nice and local.

ASAP start. £11-12 net per hour. 

Live in Mother's Help Wanted in NW5 or live out PMS 3-7

Lovely old clients require a Mrs Doubtfire to help take care of them and their daughters 9 and 17 years. The role will be sole charge so must be a self starter and use initiative. It will be 80% housekeeping and 20% nursery duties. Duties will comprise of cleaning, loading and unloading the dishwasher, laundry, ironing, cooking for the family and the general day to day running of the household. All nursery duties for the younger girl including homework supervision. The ideal candidate must be engaging and take an interest in her needs and be able to play and bond with her! Accommodation comprises own room and bathroom. There is also an opening for an afternoon role from 3-7 Monday to Friday with possible scope for more hours in the holidays.

ASAP start. Live in £400 net per week. Live out £12 net per hour.

Live In Mother's Help Required in Muswell Hill/Whetstone

Old clients living in Muswell Hill but moving to Whetstone in the next few weeks are seeking a Junior Nanny/Mother's Help to help maintain the smooth running of their busy household as well as helping mum care for 3 gorgeous little boys - 4 years, 2 years and 7 months!!! The two older boys both attend nursery full time. Mum is a stay at home mum so she is mainly around supervising and guiding. It will be mostly helping with keeping the routine going and helping mum to look after the baby. Duties will include meal preparation, nursery pick ups and drop offs, taking the older boys to the park, children's laundry and ironing, folding adult laundry, vacuuming and mopping the house once a week and any other nursery duties. Mon-Fri 7-7 . Gorgeous accommodation consisting of family sized room and family bathroom on own floor.

ASAP start. £neg. 

Daily Nanny Wanted in West Hampstead

Delightful new clients located in the heart of West Hampstead require a fabulous and competent Nanny to care for their gorgeous little boy 8 months. It will be a sole charge role once the mum goes back to work in February. Mon-Fri 8-6 but Nanny has to be prepared to work until 8pm sometimes. Nursery duties only. Cleaner employed. They are Hindi speaking so anyone who speaks Hindi would be most welcome! 

Nov/Dec start. £12-13 net per hour. 

Daily Housekeeper Required in Hampstead

Old clients currently looking for an experienced and trustworthy, full time temporary live out Housekeeper who doesn't mind a teenage boy of 13 and a girl 9 years! There is a chance that the role will become permanent. Monday to Friday 12/1-7pm or more full time hours. Must be experienced and proficient in deep cleaning, laundry and ironing. A good cook would be great! 

ASAP start. £12 net per hour.

Daily Nanny Sought in St John's Wood

Lovely young family living in this gorgeous location are looking for a Nanny to work alongside mum Mon-Fri either 9-7, 11-7 or afternoons from 2-7 caring for their adorable children - girl 3, boy 2 and newborn baby due 5th Dec.  All child related duties. Needs to be energetic, fun loving and easy going. Full time housekeeper also employed.

ASAP start. £11/12 net per hour. 

Night Nurse Wanted in Highgate

Tip top Night Nurse required for newborn boy due 11th December for a period of 6-8 weeks. Family already has two little girls of 2 and 5. Must be very experienced and be able to initiate and maintain a good routine for the baby. Mum intends to breast feed. 

Dec start. £neg. 

Live In Nanny Wanted in Belsize Park

A fantastic live-in opportunity has become available for a junior Nanny for new clients with girls 5,  2.5 years and 6 weeks. The job would be shared charge until mum goes back to work in September 2018 so the nanny must be happy to work alongside mum but also be capable of working and managing a newborn and possibly one of the older girls on her own. Nursery duties only. Cleaner also employed 2 x week. Mon-Fri 7-7 with 2 nights babysitting. Fabulous basement apartment wth room, bathroom, sitting area and kitchenette with separate entrance. International travel to exotic destinations. 

To start anytime for now but must have someone in place by mid Jan. £350 net per week. 

Afternoon Nanny Required in Hampstead

A lovely informal French family is looking for an experienced and flexible Nanny for their brood of 4 children - boy 12 and sisters 16 ( at boarding school during term time ), 14 and 10 years. Mon-Fri 4-8. Can finish on Fri at 7pm.  All after school duties including looking after the children, cooking their dinner, homework and music supervision ( really useful if nanny could read music!). Sole charge most of the time. Preferably a young woman to whom the children can relate and find engaging and fun to be with.

ASAP start. Salary neg.

Tip Top daily Nanny wanted in Hampstead

Old clients living in this fabulous location seeks an energetic and fit Nanny to take care of their 2 boys 4 and 8 years. The role is Monday to Friday 7.30-6.30. All nursery duties but whilst the boys are at school, the nanny would be expected to work as the family PA/Administrator/Designer in mum's jewellery business! This role would be perfect for a creative Nanny who wanted to do something a bit different during the day then do the wrap around hours with the children. Of course, it would be full on with the boys in the holidays! Full time housekeeper also employed. Driver essential with automatic car on duty. 

As and when start. £12 net per hour.

Live out Nanny/Housekeeper sought in Belsize Park

Professional clients are seeking a daily Nanny/Housekeeper to help look after their family of three children - 2.5 years boy, 4.5 years girl and baby born September. Monday-Friday 7.30-7.30.  They do not employ a cleaner so they will need someone for daily housekeeping and family cooking who is also capable of looking after young children.  Mum will be around so the role will be very much divide and conquer!! Mandarin speakers are very welcome! 

End Nov start. £12 net per hour. 

Live Out Nanny Sought in Canonbury

New clients - both in finance - residing in this lovely location are looking for a professional Nanny to take care of their gorgeous girls - nearly 2 years and 10 weeks. Mon-Thurs 8-7 and would consider a few hours on a Friday if the nanny wanted extra hours. All nursery duties with a cleaner employed 3 times a week. Mum would prefer the ideal candidate to have some sort of background in Early Years or Montessori if possible. In any case, the nanny must have a wealth of experience in looking after a baby and a toddler so close in age.  Must be physically fit as the house has 4 floors! 

March start with the possibility of starting in December and working up to 35 hours a week in the interim. Salary neg. 




Live in Nanny/Housekeeper/Butler/Cook/ PA wanted in Primrose Hill

Seeking a bright, self starting Nanny/Housekeeper/Butler/Cook/PA for family of 4 ( children aged 8 & 11 ) in a staffed house. Along with the hands on parents, the right applicant would be responsible for covering some school drop offs and collections as well as evening care in both the cooking of simple family meals and bed time routines ( turndown, preparing school bags). In the daytime, whilst the children are at school, you would be working alongside 2 full time housekeepers, a laundress and PT weekend staff to provide 7 days a week housekeeper cover (0800-20.30 Monday to Friday & weekend days 10am-9pm) though the days may be split to allow time off whilst the children are at school. Up to 50% of them whole be housekeeper based with the rest devoted to looking after the children, their rooms and wardrobes ( responsible for but with the aid of the other housekeepers) evening cover for when the parents are out also applies and may sometimes be at short notice. Managing the children's schedules, some house admin and PA duties to the mother may also apply after a time and so a tech and computer literate candidate is required. A full legal driving licence is also essential. They are looking for a good communicator, tech savvy, positive individual who loves sport, swimming and cycling. They must have an understanding of planning dinner parties and also working with VIPS. Self contained studio with separate entrance. 5.5/6 days per week ( days off to suit house schedule but often during the week, guaranteed one weekend off per month).

ASAP start. £550+ per week net.

Daily Nanny Sought in Arsenal

Professional French/German couple are seeking a top notch live out Nanny for their gorgeous little boys 6 and 8 years and baby boy no 3 due April 2018.  The role will be Mon-Fri 8-7 or 7.30-6.30. Mum will be on maternity leave from April-September then the role will become sole charge. Must have experience with newborn babies as well as older ones. They are looking for a "super nanny" essentially - as in someone who is very experienced and takes their role as nanny very seriously. Professional and hard working individual, qualifications, including First Aid would be preferential. If familiar with the area, that would also be a bonus.  All nursery duties. A cleaner is also employed 3 days a week and could go up to 4. 

Jan start with mid December handover. Salary neg. 

Daily or live in Nanny required in Mill Hill

Old clients require a fun and cheerful Nanny 3- 5 days a week to care for 2 girls 4 & 6 years. Hours 7.45-6.15 OR 5 afternoons 1-6.15pm. 4 year old attends nursery 4 days per week mainly mornings and will move to 4+ next September. 6 year old attends school 5 days a week 8am-3pm. UK driving licence preferably with own car but family could allow use of their cars. Preparation of meals in addition to the usual nanny duties. 20s/30s preferable as the girls are very energetic!!! The family would also consider a full time Nanny/Housekeeper where the duties would include full cleaning/laundry duties and household errands with occasional shopping, collection of items, dry cleaning etc. The family would also consider live in applicants as they have an en suite bedroom available.

Nov/Jan start. Salary neg depending on live out v live in roles