Daily Nanny Wanted in Highgate

Returning clients of ours looking for a live-out, full-time nanny in Highgate Village near Hampstead Heath and Waterlow park

Family consists of:

  • Husband/wife who are both lawyers with full-time (demanding) jobs – American couple who have lived in London since 2004
  • Boy (age 10)
    • Girl (age 7)
    • Girl (age 4)
  • Viszla puppy born in April)

Until their current nanny who has only been with them since November and is now pregnant, they have only had 3 nannies since the oldest was born (each having worked approx. 3 years).  Historically, they have agreed a salary based on an expectation of a set number of hours per week and have paid additionally for hours worked above this set number.

Expectation for nanny to work 46-52 hours on a given week during school term (potentially more during school holidays).  Essential for nanny to generally be able to take care of children as late as required during work week (they seek to get home as early as possible (7-8 pm arrival home has been typical), but they do not always have control of their work demands). 

Children are all in school full-day during school terms.  Potentially a work day starting in mid- to late-morning at least some mornings would be ideal (to allow nanny to have time to take care of dog and prepare for afternoon with children ahead of school runs), though they would hope at least a few days of the week for the nanny to come in the morning before school to allow them a chance to see/speak with her.

 Requirements for nanny

  • Flexible (in terms of personality and with their time during the work week)
  • Dependable (shows up on time for work, school pick-ups, etc. - commute to Highgate cannot become problematic)
  • Focus on promoting educational development of each child (they seek someone who does not view homework as a chore to rush through and tick the box but someone who loves education and wants to work with their children  (both in terms of school homework and more generally – e.g. loves to take them to museums or otherwise help to inspire the children to learn);
  • Strong pastoral care for children; they want a very loving and nurturing nanny who assimilates well into, and becomes part of, their family
  • Must be able to drive for school pick-ups, etc. (they have an automatic car to use or nanny can use own car).  Most mornings they have been able to drop the children off at school themselves, but would need the nanny to be able to do this as and when they are unable due to work demands
  • Ability to be manager of household (they currently have a great cleaning lady who comes twice a week, but would expect nanny to keep house tidy); nanny should be proactive in arranging playdates and will need to handle things like helping to arrange doctor appointments, arranging for handyman to come if needed, etc.
  • Expectation of long-term employment (do not want a nanny that views job as a stop-gap; they are looking for another member of their family)
  • Dog lover (will be asked to take care of family puppy during the day, including walks in nearby Heath/park)
  • Strong English ability
  • Cook for children (focused on eating healthy)

Positives (though not essential)

  • Nanny should have experience with children in the age range of our children
  • Teaching experience
  • Ability to work with children in another language (children are currently learning French)
  • Good cook (desire to encourage children to continue to develop new tastes)
  • They have had good experience with nannies who have had the background of having children of their own (now fully grown)