We are delighted that you have chosen to look at our website and hope that you are sufficiently interested to join our Agency. Hampstead Nannies would be only too happy to help you find a suitable position. We are a friendly, approachable and very professional agency, always available to help our candidates with any queries or questions that may arise. 

Latest job opportunities

Are You Qualified Enough?

The answer is more than likely YES! But consider these points:

  • All candidates should be aware that they will need at least two years’ experience with fully checkable references
  • They should also be in possession of or willing to apply for a police check
  • All candidates from abroad must have valid visas to enable them to work in this country
  • A cheerful disposition and a bright smile is a huge plus and can only benefit your application!

We hope you can match our requirements and looks forward to hearing from you.

Preparing For Your Interview

Questions you may be asked:

  • What made you choose a career in childcare?
  • What do you enjoy about looking after babies / toddlers / school age children?
  • How would you entertain my children at home?
  • What activities would you suggest outside the home?
  • How would you help my child with: weaning; sitting; crawling; table manners;
  • Potty training; talking; reading; writing; homework?
  • What do you think are the safety hazards fro my age children and what steps would you take to ensure that no accidents occurred?
  • What would you do in the following situations: the child is burnt; bangs it head; chokes; is bleeding; has a high fever?
  • What sort of meals would you prepare for my children?
  • What household tasks are you prepared to undertake?
  • Are you familiar with this area?
  • Do you have any nanny friends nearby? What age are their charges?
  • What are your hobbies and interests?
  • Do you drive?
  • Do you swim? Do you have a lifesaving certificate?
  • Do you play any musical instruments?
  • Are you in good health? Are you taking any regular medication?
  • How would you describe yourself?
  • Do you have any holidays booked?

If you have any questions or need advice, don't hesitate to ask.